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Thursday, 30 August 2007


Jock Coats at

has more on this theme and there is an excellent article by Johann Hari in the Independent today (31st August which explains the futility of the drugs war.

Perhaps one day the USA will realize that it should not take on shadowy enemies that is cannot see and cannot defeat in wars on terror and drugs. It has enough trouble winning conventional wars. Unless it goes in at the last minute when the other combatants have already fought each other into the ground.

I can't find a link to email you directly, so a comment will do fine. I'm glad you stumbled across my blog and provided the opportunity for me to find yours. I liked the comment in one of the posts about your motivation for blogging as "incandescent fury" at being ruled by the likes of Tony Blair. Blair's reign in this country has made me feel likewise - though I am content for the moment to plough that furrow within a political party.

I like the research in this article on drugs, employability and "neets" much better than my "rant" on the same subject.

Funny thing was I was just talking to a work colleague yesterday about the Panopticon - though it was in the context of a prison officer's dispute! But I like the whole analogy with the surveillance state we have stumbled into.

Nice blog anyway - and it's now on my recommended reading list - so if your readership falls let me know and I'll stop recommending it!

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